Where I Live, 2013 Edition


  • Sublime Text (now at v3 beta) is where I’ve spent a good portion of my life over the last 2-½ years. It’s a great cave as far as code caves go.
  • Sadly Photoshop CC still sits in my toolbelt, Acorn is getting so damn good (same with Pixelmator) but it’s still not quite enough to supplant this required, ever-worsening POS. I pine for the day indie apps kick the crap out of the CC suite.
  • Tweetbot because I spend entirely too much time blathering in 140-char chunks.
  • GitX (L) because it’s a perfect git GUI. And free. I’ve tried so many and keep coming back to GitX (L).
  • On The Job for time tracking & invoicing. It’s not perfect but it’s the closest I could find to my simple needs. For many years I used Billable and only switched because I didn’t like the successor, Profit Train.
  • Chromium because I trust Google less every day. It’s always a pain finding a download for this. I can’t even find one now.
  • ForkLift 2 is still in my belt, because there’s nothing quite like it. I still use Transmit for DockSend. ForkLift has sadly been left to pasture by BinaryNights while they focus on Locko, a 1Password clone.
  • The Hit List is still the best damn to-do app. I don’t opt to pay for the syncing & iOS app. Reminders is my on-the-go queue for tasks that I dump into Hit List when back at the desk.
  • Sequel Pro for when you want to navigate MySQL locally. It’s crazy this is free. I just realized you can donate and dropped $10 in the beer fund.
  • CodeKit was a random purchase to compile Less files, but has become an essential tool for Scss compiling, Javascript combining/minimizing, image optimizing, etc. Hilarious version update notes are a bonus.
  • iTerm2 became stable enough to replace Terminal.
  • Notational Velocity is the sharpest text-editing knife. Plays nice with Dropbox folder of plain text files.